Top Jobs for Felons

What are the top jobs for felons today? I am going to be 100% completely honest with you there is not a lot of top jobs for felons. I have 3 felonies, a 3 “Striker” a true “Lifer”. I have started many businesses over the last 20 years after I got out of prison. The best job a felon will ever have is to own their own business. Self-Employment has kept me out of prison for over 20 years.

When you are self-employed and you are your own “Boss”, you work even harder than you do for other people. Inmates, felons, and people who have been in jail are some of the hardest working people, and typically have tremendous loyalty for anyone who gives them real opportunities. People like me do not appreciate being used by employers who take advantage of my felonious past. They typically treat you like crap and constantly remind you that you are nothing without them. They never let you forget your past, and they really do not care about your future, they care about you making them money.


Now, Let’s get real. How many of us actually have money to invest in starting our own business? And if so how much? Probably not a whole lot of money and the fear of losing that little bit of money is oftentimes why so many fail. Risk is essential to business, taking a risk is probably how you got your felony. Are you willing to take a risk on something legitimate? Do you want to make some real money without committing crimes?

However, you’re probably familiar with the most common jobs that felons usually end up with such as factory work,  yard work,  roofing, lawn care, construction work, and landscaping. Felons like myself work in these jobs and often there is some pretty good money to be made. Many employers pay in cash, however, We still have to pay taxes on that money. Getting paid in cash is never good if there is no work history. With no work history every time we apply for a place to live or some kind of higher paying job, we have no proof of where we worked. This makes us look like we have something to hide or cover-up. That is the last thing landlords and employers want to see and makes us appear to be dishonest in some way. Have you ever had this happen to you?


I want to introduce you to an incredible opportunity, that in my opinion, is the best job for anybody that has a felony, or has been in prison. A Real-Deal business opportunity making real money.       But first, let’s keep this real and pure this is not a sales pitch.


Before I show you where I work I want to discuss a few more “Hot Topics”. So first, let’s look at the job aspect from a different point of view.  Most likely if you are a felon, you are probably doing some manual labor of some kind, or you are in some kind of factory work or some low in scale job. So let’s take a look at why that is.  The reason we are in low-paying factory backbreaking jobs is because we are considered less than equals. Therefore we are going to receive the minimum amount of financial control over our lives as we have been deemed undesirable, and unequal, and unfit to be a regular part of society. Is that how you feel, or is it just me? Or are these the cold hard facts of life?  So we don’t need a job, what we need is a career.  So what would be the best career for someone that has a background that contains felonies?  What kind of people would hire people like us?  What kind of company is actually looking for someone that has felonies and doesn’t mind?  What kind of company would actually hire a felon and treat them as an equal? What kind of job opportunity would treat a felon like a human being and give them the respect they deserve?


If you are on this website…Then you are looking for a real opportunity…And you have been on several websites that you “turned you off” in some way. Probably because those websites were not owned and operated by a Felon like this website is. My job is to educate you for a real opportunity to take control of your life and get the respect you deserve.  Sound good so far? Let’s keep going then and keep this real. Respect is what you deserve.


Well, I have an answer for that, it is my belief that Affiliate Marketing is the best career opportunity for anyone that has Felonies, DUIs, Misdemeanors, any kind of criminal background history on their record. Most people with criminal backgrounds are not being treated as equals, and if they are they are not making any real money. Does this sound about right? First and foremost this is the absolute best opportunity for felons, and people with criminal records. Allow me to explain why.


If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing in first let me start by defining affiliate marketing it what it is, how it works, and who it works for.  Basically, affiliate marketing when you’re working online and selling products or services for companies. You create a website or a social media page of some kind.  You then place their products or services on your social media platforms and or websites and sell their products for them. Almost every single person on earth is accepted by these programs.  So let’s explore why they will accept anyone who has a website or social media pages, posts, and pins. It does it matter if you have experience, and it doesn’t matter if you have a background, and it doesn’t matter if you have no experience.  Some experience, a little experience,  all these companies care about is that you have a way to sell their products. They could care less if you are a felon or a stay-at-home mother. All that matters to them is that you are able to perform the task, and that task is selling someone else’s products. They want you to make money because that is how they make money. Everybody gets their piece of the action. You can sell anything and everything you could possibly imagine. C.B.D oil, Jewelry, Music, Videos, Clothing, you name it you can sell it !! Sound Good?


The beauty of selling someone else’s products online is the advantage of you don’t have any customer service to deal with,  you don’t have any returns to deal with,  you don’t have any customer complaints to deal with,  your only job is to take their products and put them on your social media pages and or websites and sell, sell, sell their products. That is a very simple process and they accept anyone and everyone into these programs who has social media and or websites. Typically you will apply to an affiliate marketing place and show them your platform by sending them a link. Whether it’s a Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter or website they then complete the application almost immediately in most cases and then approve you to be an affiliate of their company. Now let’s discuss affiliates who and what they are.

When you become an affiliate that means you are someone who is selling someone else’s product or service, so you are an affiliate your partner, you are not an employee. In this case, you would be the “Boss”.  It’s your social media platform,  It’s your website, It’s your time,  It’s your effort, It is your business that is selling their products. When you put in your time and effort, you make the sales, and you make a percentage of everything you sell for them. Pretty simple process for making some real money and millions of people are doing this who have never broken a law a day in their life. So the biggest advantage to affiliate marketing is you can literally choose any product or service that you want to sell. Nike shoes, CBD oil, Music CD”s, Movies you name it, the world is yours to sell. All they want is people to sell their products so they make more money. That is a fair deal, and you well know, life is not fair for felons.  If you want to sell jewelry you certainly can do that, anything and everything that is legal and legitimate you can sell.  You have 550 million products and services to choose from. 10,000 affiliate marketing programs where I work.


That is an incredible concept I want you to sit back and really truly grasp that concept for one clear minute. Really sit and think about that, this is the real deal. Millions of people are doing this with little or no experience.


So you’re probably thinking oh yeah that sounds a little bit too good to be true. It is not too good to be true and this is exactly why I believe this is the best job for a felon. You can literally find something that you like, a product or service,  something that you personally like and or love.  Anything that you have personal knowledge about, or something that you happen to be an expert in,  maybe it’s Nike shoes, or maybe it’s the kind of clothes you buy for yourself.  Maybe it’s the music you listen to, Anything and everything you can think of to sell, there is a way to become an affiliate partner.  When I say affiliate partner once they accept your application which usually only takes a matter of a few minutes, occasionally it could take a few days they approve you. They want you to make a lot of money because you will make them a lot of money. Very simple.  However there are several thousand more places that are selling the exact same products, there is room for everyone on the world wide web. All you have to do is simply follow this program that I am going to show you. And step by step you will build yourself a website that you can sell their products from. The first 10 classes are FREE. You can join or quit anytime you want to. There is No pressure here. You either want in, or you want out. In the first 10 free classes, you will build a website that is yours to keep!! Even if you decide not to join you can take the website and go out on your own. The choice is totally up to you, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You can do this. I built my first website with less than $100 in the bank and I created everything on the website typing with only two fingers and NO experience.


                                                Are you ready to check this place out?



The reason it is not too good to be true is that you are actually doing the work first before you get paid.  It sounds too good to be true because most people think oh wow there’s got to be some kind of hitch, that is the hitch. Most people want to be paid by the week or even by the day. Eventually, your websites and social media will pay you every day even if you do not work. That is the point of building your own online business. Many coming in years after you do the work. That sounds good, right?

If you went out on your own and try to be an affiliate marketer you would quickly find that you’re going to pay for different kinds of services to host your websites, and expensive software to operate them properly. Then you will find many programs are very expensive and or very difficult for the beginner. Or you could start with something like Facebook, but,  you are not going to have a ton of traffic, and you are going to be growing your business from the very beginning.  So in order to really make some sales and some real money,  you would need to sell using  Facebook ads or spending quite a bit of money on getting your products to people who are looking to buy them. 



If you decide to become a member of the same place that I work,  you would have a membership that comes with a complete member services package. They include everything you will ever need to make money online. Online classes, tech support to fix any issues with your websites, and thousands of people who will gladly help you each and every day. NO HIDDEN FEES   Everything is included in your monthly membership.


How much will it cost me every month?


Less than $50 per month. Again I know you are probably thinking this probably won’t even work and it’s another scam. Read my latest review on the Wealthy Affiliate Program.2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Perfect for Beginners and Perfect for Felons. The objective here is to not spend more money than you can actually afford, and the other objective is to educate you with easy and simple to understand classes and courses. This is an opportunity that I feel obligated to show you because this program changed my life forever. Why would I want to help you? We help each other. We make each other money. And because I’m a felon, I’m the guy they got treated like crap everywhere he went, I’m the guy that got rejected, I’m the guy with the police record,  I’m the guy that nobody trusts no matter where you go. I built this “Crew” for people with criminal background histories because people do not want to give our lives back to us after we did our time.  People take one look at me and they say “Wow that guy’s a criminal”. The reality is,  I am an eccentric person, heavily-tattooed, with excessively long hair. I would have to say I use profanity on a pretty regular basis which immediately puts me out of almost any place where regular people work. However, that does not mean I am a criminal. Can you relate to this kind of discrimination? Maybe you are being judged just on your record, but I am certain you were treated this way at some point in your life. Right? I was a tattoo artist for many years, I think I look normal. A lot of regular people look like criminals to me, and the truth is they just never got caught or set up like the rest of us. Many regular people cheat on their taxes and deceive people out of their money. I am a straight-up dude, I deal only in respect and integrity. People do not define me, and neither does my past. I am not trying to build false hope in anyone. What I am telling you is that if I can do this anyone can do this.


The best part of working with this company is four years ago I didn’t even know what Youtube was. Just a couple of years ago I could barely get a grasp Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Eventually, after watching hundreds of hours of videos online, I was creating Facebook pages and YouTube channels, and making my own videos, and on and on and on. But I still was not making any money.

 I didn’t have a clue how to build a website. I thought well it must be too difficult and it’s only for Rich intelligent people, and the computer geeks, and nerds. However, in this case, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, the first 10 classes are FREE. WHY?  They’re basically showing you how easy it is to achieve whatever it is in life you’re trying to sell online. They want to show you how easy their education is for the beginner. They give you the website that you create in those beginner classes. They are educating you with a very simple process. Step-by-Step videos that are about 15 minutes to 30 minutes long.  They are amazingly understandable,  They were so simple, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and doing, building websites, setting up social media, I was completely blown away, I thought, this is just to easy.  Within the first 5 days, I became a member I could not wait to take the rest of the classes. My life has never been the same since. If you came this far you owe yourself the opportunity to just try it out. You will know in the first few classes if this is perfect for you. You can join or quit anytime you chose to do so. You have absolutely nothing to lose.    Today is your day !!  Click Here !!  

Drop a few comments below so I can learn about your needs. Tell us your story, or just tell me what you need or want out of a program. If you need some inspiration…You Got This…Check out my video below.

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