Online Employment for Convicted Felons

Remember when the American Dream was on the other side of the fence?

For many felons, prison was our home for a period of time. We would sit and gaze out a window, or walk around the yard wondering if we were ever going to have a life outside of the penitentiary. Remember when all we thought about was getting out? If you were anything like me, I rarely about how I was going to make it in the world. All I really thought about was the day I was going to get out, not what was going to be an employment opportunity for a convicted felon. Can you relate?

I spent very little time considering that I would never be treated like an equal again. When I got out and began trying to get jobs, I found that was very difficult. Many people treated me horribly and intentionally pushed me and pressed my buttons. In other cases, they just never called back. I would go to the interviews, and they would put on the “show” and give me the old routine, “we will call you this week and let you know”. Needless to say, the phone never rang. Other people would tell me that I got the job, and never called me into work. This way they could avoid discrimination lawsuits, many companies do this to protect themselves. They could care less about building false hope for some convicted felons, their concern was keeping their company looking like they did not discriminate against felons.

Can you relate to any of this? Perhaps maybe you got a job and still could not pay your bills? I was working 50 hours a week making over $15 per hour and paying child support, and I still could not pay my bills. I then realized that even a good-paying job was not going to get me a life that I deserved. I needed to find a way to get my life back together and find a way to pay off my debts.

How do I get my life back? How am I ever going to make some real money?

I paid $5,000 for an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. After completing my apprenticeship I started several tattoo shops, only one of them was successful. I was making about $35,000 per year, but after paying all the expenses of operating a tattoo shop, and paying to live, I wasn’t making diddly squat!! I still could barely pay my bills, and saving money or paying off debts was a fantasy at this point.

I loved doing tattoos, I tattooed and pierced over 5,000 people. I was charging $100 or more per hour and still could barely make it. The most I ever made in one day was about $1,500, however, Those days were far and few between. I decided I still needed to work in the art world, so I could express my individuality and be my own person.

So, I gave up the tattoo shops and the lifestyle that went along with it. That was a huge and painful decision.

I then decided what I needed was to get some respect like regular people. I decided to go to a university to study fine art. I thought if I could create some artwork that was so bizarre, I would make some real money then. Much like any other industry, every aspect of the business is controlled by very rich and powerful people. The reality was, you can not just walk into other “worlds” and expect to be accepted. Most everyone is handed in those positions or places to control who and what is working for them. Inmates and felons are not even at the bottom of their lists. So, I basically wasted $70,000 going to 2 different universities. Now I was buried in debt and totally screwed.

What do I do now?    I am totally screwed!!   Nothing is working for Me!!

I started with working on Instagram and Facebook trying to sell my artwork. I had no idea what I was doing, and was very unsuccessful. I tried selling my artwork on eBay and was BANNED from their platform. My artwork was too bizarre and did not fall within their guidelines, so they kicked me out. This left me totally beyond screwed, I was now totally out of ideas. I thought about mowing grass or going back to work in factories. I soon found out that it was even harder to even get those jobs. Because I had been self-employed so long, that my work history was a failure, and had too many years of unemployment, and or, too many cash jobs that I was doing on the side. Many of the cash jobs I was doing for people were not reporting their employees and were paying their taxes, leaving no evidence that I ever worked for them at all. That is difficult to explain to employers, and they never believe what you say, they just give you that look. Do you know what I mean?

I know what I will do… I will work for Youtube and Facebook, Lots of people are getting paid!!

It is true many people are getting paid on Youtube and Facebook. However, they have been working at it for years. Youtube has 37 million channels, and Facebook has even more traffic than that. The cold hard facts of life here are this…These people had computer skills and knowledge, and I had no experience, no skills, and zero-knowledge. I created several Youtube channels and many Facebook pages and never made a single dime. I knew if I was ever going to make some money online I needed to find a place where I could learn some skills.

I will go online and watch all the free videos I can and I will train myself!!

This did not work for me. I found all the videos were geared to selling their system, or they were geared to get more views. Every video was helpful to some degree, however, everything I really need to know was not in the videos. The videos leave you with “cliff hangers”, they would tell you everything except what you really needed. Then they would sell their program to you. At first, I really did not like this concept, but I kept doing my research. I was determined to find a place that was perfect for beginners and was affordable. I was 50 years old and buried in debt, I had very little money to invest. Very little money, and could not afford to pay for some scam, or some program that was too difficult for me.

Scams, Smoke and Mirrors, Rabbit Holes, and Wild Goose Chases…Is there any program out there that is actually affordable? Is there any program for the “true” beginner with NO skills? Should I just give up and go back to prison? Did I really want to see this guy again?

Seriously, I tried everything. Maybe I was grasping for something that wasn’t even possible. Life is definitely not fair for felons. I really don’t want to ever go back to prison, but you know how it is when the world keeps beating you down. I had been out of prison for many years and had been educating myself for over 10 years, and I was still a financial failure. I worked my ass off. I created everything from tattoo shops, to bizarre artwork I can’t even sell without my own website, Youtube channels, Facebook pages, and Instagram reels. Now I had a few skills, I just needed to find someplace that was affordable, someplace that would actually teach me how to make money online. I WAS DETERMINED TO FIND SOMETHING, SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, SOMEDAY. I just kept surfing the web, day after day. Nothing was right for me, everything was either too expensive or was for people who already had skills. Other programs were just scams to get your money for as long as they could before you bailout.

Then I found This Place…Was this too good to be true? Can these people really teach me, I have no skills?     I’m sure I can’t afford it anyway!!

I was amazed, completely blown away, finally, I found a place that was legit and not a scam. Finally, something I could afford. Finally, something that was actually simple enough for me to learn and understand. FINALLY!! From that day on, my life was never the same. They offered a free training of 10 classes just to see the program and to test it out. I decided I had nothing to lose except for more time. Really? I wasted 10 years of time, and certainly lost some years in prison, I will try it out with a very low expectation. I just assumed it would be too difficult. In just 2 days my mind was completely blown! I took all the free classes in one week. I was so amazed and so blown away, I had to join the company. I decided to go all in. I really did not have a lot of options for success, or even failure at this point. What else was I going to do? Go back to work in factories? Go back to prison? Go back to working making videos that never turned a dime? Mow some grass or detail some cars? None of those options ever worked before, I would be insane to think that going backwards was ever going to be the solution for my future. I started a 5-year business plan, and never looked back. I now own and operate this website. This is my domain and I am now operating my own distribution”Crew”. Now I am the boss, not the employee. I have no employees, only members of my “Crew”. My crew does whatever they want to, whenever they want to. My “Crew” is now in the “affiliate marketing world” and they are taking advantage of the exact same opportunity I did.

                                       This is an opportunity for you to change your life forever.

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In the first 10 FREE classes you will build your first website. If you chose to not join My "Crew"...
 you can keep the website you created, the website is yours to keep. I want you to fully understand
you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.     You can do this.    You deserve Respect.


PLEASE Leave some comments below on how I can help you in some way. I would love to hear how you feel you have been treated in the world. Tell me your story or Comment about lack of respect and mistreatment. This helps Me help other felons and people with criminal backgrounds who are still out there trying to get their life together. Thank You Have an Incredible day!!

            Unity, respect, and solidarity. We are Justice.

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