I Am A Felon – I am A “3” Strike “Lifer”

This website was built by a convicted felon. This website is owned and operated by a convicted felon.    I built this website   “For Justice”   for “Felons”,   and for all of us who have a criminal background history.

My name is K E N  aka  Z E R O, and yes I am a 3 Striker felon, your classic “Lifer”. In my state expungement for Class 1 felonies is not an option. Even if it was an option, I still would not go through the expungement process. WHY? because I do not believe that my record or yours will ever go away. They claim if you have expunged records that they are “sealed” and nobody will ever know you had a record. I do not believe that for even one second. Do you?

Let’s say you are in an interview and they have your application, and you are discussing your work history. Then the employer asks, “Have you ever been arrested?”. What do you say? What if they already found your record and are asking you to verify your credibility? I refuse to lie about my past. If we do lie then they can say we are all untrustable, dishonest, and not dependable. Do you really believe that our criminal history is completely disappeared by expungement?     I do not.

I believe in myself, not in the system that threw me away like human trash.

I have 3 drug possession felonies that I got over 20 years ago.

I have a class 1 felony for possession of L. S. D.

I have a Class 3 felony for possession of Cocaine less than (3.5) grams.

I have a Class 4 felony for possession of Marijuana less than  (454) grams.

I have been in 10 different county jails, and 3 different prisons, a work-release center, and have been in re-habs many times. Additionally, I have completed many state programs such as the old 12 step, C.H.O.I.C.E.S., and was on the home arrest ankle bracelet as well. I caught my first case when I was 14 years old for shoplifting, and grew up in and out of the system. However when I became a Felon, I never got out of the system, their job is to put us all back in prison, jail, or any government facility. Right?

You can learn more about me here.

Prisons, jails, rehabs, and government programs need Felons. We are a business to them. Prisons are overflowing with customers, we are their customers, and they could care less if you ever succeed.

I care if you succeed. That is my goal and purpose for this website. I wanted to educate everyone who has a criminal background. I want us all to never go back to prison. I am here to educate you on the best ways to make money online today. Every month I supply a list of new suppliers, contacts, products, and new ideas for online business. Companies that want to work with felons, and could care less about your past. I am not talking about these temp agencies who get paid to get you jobs. Most all of them have contracts with people to study you, investigate you, and extract information from you.

It is Time to Think     Outside of the Box

We are better than this box right here, and I am going to educate you, your family, and your friends on just how we can have a life and the respect we deserve. I chose to build this website because I believe in Felons, I think most of us are loyal, dependable, and very hard workers. I prefer to hire felons, not regular people. WHY? Because I have been abused by the system for over 20 years since the day I got out of prison. My family and friends’ lives are destroyed from the wake of their corruption and destruction. Their job is to repeat business and to create government jobs by housing us somewhere. Right?

I want you to tell everyone what you have seen and read here. I have found a way for all of us to have a life and make some real money. I build websites and social media platforms to sell products and services online. I had no experience and NO money when I first started out to make money online.

I am researching all day, every day. I can tell you about every scam online and who to trust and who not to. This website is on the ground floor, and I want you and your people to be a part of this movement. I want life, liberty, and justice for us all. Inmates, felons, and People with criminal histories deserve a life after we have done our time. Not this second chance crap. Second chance? As if we don’t deserve another chance? That offends me and I refuse to be reduced in that way. I did my time and I deserve the same rights as anyone else.                 We need to stick together !!

I am going to teach you how to be self-employed, and how to start your own online business selling products and services World –  Wide. I am going to teach you next-level mentality, you are never going back to prison, and neither are your home-boys, families, and friends.

You can go out on your own after I educate you and your people if you chose to. I am doing this for all of us, not just to make money. I would appreciate it if you do join my “Crew”, and visit my website for contacts, suppliers, connections, scam information, and business ideas. Everything I recommend to you will be verified by myself personally, or I will post the information. You can visit this site for accurate information and brutal honesty. This is about getting the respect we deserve and freedom for us all. We need to stand together in unity for our kind of people. Every contact I recommend will give you that respect. My contacts, suppliers, and educators are verified, worldwide distributors and computer scientists. Their interest is all of us making money together online. Does this sound good to you?

           Their system is designed for all of us to fail.

               My system was created

                for all of us to succeed.

Please leave your story, or comments about the system below. If you have ideas or topics you want to see on this website please let me know. My goal is to help us all help each other to overcome our past. Never give up, and never give in.


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