How much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Program Cost?

Let’s Keep This Real. I hate when I read an entire page that is all sales pitch and NO straightforward answers.  Sometimes all I want to know first is what it will cost, then I want to learn more. Can you relate to that? Let’s break this down, and cut out the “Crap”.


If you decide to join the group and become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program your cost is less than $50 per month. You will get a discount on your first month that will save you about $30. So, your first month will only cost you $19, I will be making sure that you get a $30 discount on your first month here. Then every month after that $49. That is pretty simple and straightforward. There are no hidden fees and NO fancy up-sells. Just a flat $49 per month, tax is included, it is a $49 payment no more, and no less. If this sounds good so far you are really going to like this next part.

When you take your first 10 classes you will be building a website that will cost you absolutely nothing. The classes are free, the website is free, and you can keep your website and go out on your own, even if you chose not to join the group. The education is free because we want you to be a satisfied client, and to show you just how easy it is to build websites.


Allow me to explain here with some brutal honesty. When you purchase a domain name for your website you can choose a .com, .org, .net, Whichever you choose. So it will appear in the search bar as…

Now you never have to buy your own domain, you are given a domain for free with every website you build. However, when you have a .com you own that virtual piece of real estate. You then own your website and your business. Now you are your own brand name.

.com  will cost you $13.99 per year

.org is cheaper than a   .com

.net   is   cheaper   than   a   .com

So for less than $15 per year you own your website. Very simple, but again you do not have to purchase the .com, but people will trust your site more, and this is definitely the professional approach to online sales. Think about that, do you trust a website that is not .com? Do you think this is more professional?


SO That is IT. NO Hidden Fees, No Fancy Up-Sells, Straight up less Than $50 per month. You can own and operate up to 10 websites with that membership fee. If you want to own more websites there is another option for you.


The Plus program is $99 per month for people who want to build, own, and operate up to 50 websites. You can upgrade anytime you want to. You can pay for an entire year at once and save over $150 if you would rather avoid the monthly payments like I do. However, you never have to upgrade that is your choice depending on how many sites you want to own and operate. I can guarantee you that they give you a $50 discount on your first month of upgrade. We love to give you bonuses!!

That is everything. Does this sound reasonable and affordable? Would you like to take your first 10 FREE classes this week? Do you want to start Today?

Please drop me some comments about what you think about the price of this program. Have an awesome day!! Never Forget one thing……The Power of You…I joined up after taking the free classes, and my life has never been the same since. You can do this. If I can do this anyone can. See some of my other reviews for more information about this program.



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