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What are some real career opportunities for felons? I have 3 felonies and I have found very few actual opportunities that would give me equality, liberty, and freedom. First, let’s discuss the idea of what a career is compared to a job. A job is when we go to work every day and get paid for that labor. We exchange our time and labor for money. A mentor once told me the word “job” stands for…..

“J”ust “O”ver “B”roke. That never left me because that was a reality for me. No matter how many hours I worked, regardless of how much money I was making, I was always broke. Is there any such thing as a felony-friendly career opportunity?

Yes, there is here at the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

A career is when we chose a direction in our life and invest our time and money in that chosen profession. A career is a business that we own or a chosen profession. Typically every career requires some type of education. Almost every career requires discipline and sacrifice. However, careers tend to pay a lot more money in the long run. Certainly, a career is going to require a lot of hard work in the beginning stages. However, in the long run, the career could pay you money even when you are not physically at work, or you have some long-term benefits such as insurance and retirement plans.

Now let’s discuss what the best opportunity for a felon really is. In my personal opinion owning your own business is the best option for a solid future and financial stability. Why? You will work much harder because you own the business. You will have a certain pride in your work and your business that you will not have working for other people and companies. If you are a company “big wig”, that will come with a certain amount of prestige. However, when you own your own business you are the manager, the owner, and the operator of your own company. The size or type of your company really doesn’t matter. The satisfaction of the work you put in the business, now that is a completely different feeling of success.

Investing time and money in yourself and your business is clearly something most people do not want to do.  WHY? We are conditioned to believe to take a safe and secure job. Everyone is afraid of a risk that could cost them time and money. In fact, rich people only consider these points. They assess their business plans, then calculate the risks involved. they have one thing most people do not. They believe they will be successful and have enough money to fail without devastating their life. Must be nice right? Most felons do not have the luxury of lots of money to lose. Right?


The fact that you are on my website today, tells me that you are serious about improving your life in some way. If you are dedicated enough to do research on your own to better the quality of your life, then you have everything it takes to build your own business online. What you need is an actual opportunity, not some scam or some internet job company like Monster or Indeed. Have any of those places actually put anyone you know in an actual career?


I refuse to mislead people or build false hope in anyone. I spent many years in the system, and inmates like myself only deal in “respect”. You will have to do all of the work because it is your company and your business. sacrifice, dedication, and determination is your level of success. The harder you work, the more you will gain. Pretty simple concept, however, some people want something for nothing, and want someone else to do the work for them. This company has thousands of people who will assist you, answer all of your questions, and will gladly help you 24/7 365. You can join or quit the program at any time. There is No pressure and No hidden fees. EVER. Your first 10 classes are FREE. You will build your first website during these 10 free classes. If you decide not to join,  You can still keep the website you created. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


Most felons like myself have no money to invest at first.  Many of us have some time we could invest if we actually believe that we are not going to be wasting our time or money. Right?

So Ideally, felons like myself need some type of education we can actually afford. Like an online education, not university or college tuitions.

Some business idea that is affordable, or some business that could be started with very little money.

What kind of business can be started with very little money?




Now let’s begin to discuss all of the positive qualities an online business has to offer you as a felon with NO experience or limited computer skills. With very little money to invest, and some spare time.


Online education is very cost-effective and affordable if you find the right place. Not all education is created equal. You need simple, easy, step-by-step, instructional classes that you can take when and where you want to. A lot of these online educations are complex and difficult to understand. They are typically not for the beginner and they have a lot of hidden fees. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is very affordable and very simple and easy to understand. This company gives you lots of benefits with their membership. Hundreds of classes that can train Anyone with NO experience, and NO skills. Perfect for the beginner who has very little money to invest in their own business. Perfect for anyone who has very few skills, and NO experience.         THE POWER OF YOU       Trust your instincts


Owning your own website is owning your own company. A website only costs $13.99 per year if you have a membership. You can own and operate up to  10  websites for the monthly membership fee of $49. You can NOT start a business cheaper than that unless you are using social media like Facebook and Instagram. However, you will not own your business THEY do. You create all those pages and posts, but they actually own all the rights to their platforms.


After you build your website, you own it. This website will work for you for the rest of your life. After you build the websites this company pays technical experts to fix anything that would ever go wrong or not work correctly. When you are a member you have thousands of people to help you 24/7 and 365 days per year. The worldwide web never stops. If you have a business up-town somewhere you will pay rent or mortgage, insurance, you will be investing in products or services, and you will do all the customer care, complaints, and returns.


You can sell 550 million different products and services from your website. Anything and everything you can imagine, you can start selling from the websites that you own. You can even sell your websites if you chose to do so because you are the owner. You are in total control of your business. You will work as much as you want, as often as you want, and you can work from anywhere in the world. You can sell anything from Nike shoes to Jewelry, to C.B.D. oils, anything you want to sell that is legal. 550 million choices, now that is an opportunity with endless possibilities.


The training classes are short and easy to understand. Very basic step-by-step videos and instructions. I built my first website with NO experience, NO computer skills, and less than $100 to my name. I built my first website typing with just my two-pointer fingers. If I can build a website anyone can do it.


      Can You Think of One Good Reason to not Click here and Learn More?




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