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This is an educational website for people with criminal backgrounds.

I developed this website because I was disgusted with the way people take advantage of felons and people who have criminal Backgrounds. I am a felon, your classic “3” Striker, a true “Lifer”.  I met a lot of good people in prison. Many inmates were locked up for crimes they didn’t even commit. Lots of inmates plead guilty to crimes they did not commit for a reduced sentence. Can you relate to that?

I believe felons are some of the hardest working and loyal people I have ever met. Most inmates I ever met were very intelligent people. I am a good person, loyal, honest, and dependable, However, it has been 20 years since my release from prison, and I still get abused by the system all the time. Just because I am a felon does not mean I am a criminal or a bad person. I deserve equality, I deserve respect, I deserve to have a successful business. I own and operate this website along with many other social media platforms.    I am successful, I am reform, and I am justice.

The purpose of this website is to give you the most accurate information about Contacts, Connections, Suppliers,  and Educational opportunities for you to make money online, REAL MONEY, not a few bucks an hour!!

Every month I will be posting new suppliers, contacts, and connections for business. If I post these companies and contacts to this website, then I have done the research for you, and they are credible connections for your business. It is very important to me that you have accurate information and business ideas and connections that will not waste your time and money. Don’t you hate wasting your time going from website to website just to discover it is the same “crap” on almost every website?

Don’t you hate those websites that say….

We Have   2,052    Jobs for You in Your Area, Apply to Get your Dream Job Today !!

Then you upload your resume along with thousands of other people who do not have felonies. Most of those jobs you could just go out and apply for as long as you can pass a drug test. They use the words Felons or help for felons or jobs for felons,  because they get paid even if you never get the job.

They get paid just to get you to the website. They are taking advantage of our criminal backgrounds and building false hope in people like us. When in reality those exact same jobs are shown to everyone, and the felon is the last person to get those jobs. Then they post jobs that claim to pay lots of money and are several hundred miles away, or in a completely different state.   RIGHT? Been there done that, and many times, what a load of B.S. that turned out to be. They were never going to hire me,  their companies have to promote that they will hire felons to avoid discrimination lawsuits, and almost every company had NO intention of ever hiring us.


Tell all of your Buddies, Homeboys, Partners, Associates, Friends, Families, and even their Baby Mommas what you learned here today. Bring in all of your people to my website for the best information, the best education, the best, most reliable connections for starting your own online business.



I will not use you or build false hope in you. I will educate you to the best of my ability. I will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date contacts, suppliers, and educators on the internet today. My “CREW” wants you to succeed. I want you to never go back to prison. I want you to make money online. Starting my own online business has changed my life forever, and now I can make a lot of legitimate money without ever committing crimes.  Do you want to learn more on how to make money online?  Click the pic below


Leave me some comments below about what kind of information you would be interested in. Definitely let me know of any Contacts, connections, and suppliers who are scams or rip-offs. We want to inform our people of exactly who is taking advantage of felons and people with criminal backgrounds.

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