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Is Everyone Accepted into this Church Employment Program?

Everyone is accepted into this Program. NO restrictions, NO discriminations, NO background checks, You are immediately accepted into the program. Everyone is accepted, and everyone is respected. Never will you have to discuss the nature of your felonies, or anything about yourself,  unless you choose to do so. You simply just set up an account, and you can start working the very same day.

This Program is Totally Free? WHY?

That is the most amazing thing about this particular program, it is 100% totally free to join, and there are NO membership fees. There are NO fancy up-sells, NO monthly fees, and there is NO cost to you…EVER!!  You hear people say, “Nothing in life is free”, well that is true in many cases, but This Program is totally FREE !! No one is ever going to pressure you at any time.

Why is the program totally free? There are a few reasons. First and foremost, this is a church program, where people actually want to help you get established. They need your help in distributing their products, and they are willing to pay you very well for doing so. This is a fairly new program, and they are giving you an opportunity to be a part of a growing company. Honestly, they are looking to grow their company, and they are grateful and appreciative for anyone who wants to join in their mission.

 Why is This Program Perfect for Me?

This program is perfect for the beginner who has NO money to invest, NO bank accounts, and NO experience with building websites. You can sell their products on ANY social media platforms. You do NOT have to build a website, you can simply make your accounts on any social media, and start selling immediately. It really is that simple and easy to do. They will pay you 40% of everything you sell. They will pay you through a Pay Pal account. You can set up a Pay Pal account for FREE!! In fact, Pay Pal gives you a couple of bucks for FREE to activate your account!!

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What if I do not want to sell Their Products?

That is totally fine, there is another option that you might like even better than that!! You can start your own “Crew” just like I did. If you want to start your own “Crew”, you simply advertise their Affiliate Marketing program on your social media platforms. They will pay you a 5% commission on EVERY product that is sold by someone YOU recruited into the program. You are given a Private Affiliate Link that you can post anywhere you want to. Many felons do not go to church, and many do not believe in GOD. If you are one of these people, that is totally fine, You are accepted for who and what you are.  Besides, people do change, and perhaps this opportunity could possibly “shape” a different outlook on your beliefs about GOD, church, or “church people”. Learn More

What kind of training is required to sell their products or their affiliate marketing program?

Very simple, very basic, short tutorial videos. There are only a couple of short videos that you will need to watch. These videos are very simple and easy to follow along. The entire training course will take you less than 1 hour to complete. The videos will instruct you on how to use your affiliate link, and or sell their products. They will teach you how to create your own “Crew”, or how to market their products. Very simple, very easy tutorial videos. You can email them or call them to schedule a phone call with you. NOBODY offers phone calls in this industry!! This is the only program I have ever found that someone would actually call you if you need help. Honestly, I seriously doubt you will ever need to contact them, the program is just so simple and easy to use and to learn.

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How easy is it to join this program?

It does not get any easier than this!! You simply go into their site and set up an account. This account will take you about 5 minutes to create. Everyone is accepted immediately!! At that point, you are given your own personal affiliate link.  There are only a few simple “setup” steps to follow. However, you will need to set up a Pay Pal account eventually so you can get paid. You can edit your profile at any time, you can add your Pay Pal info later if you choose to do so, or if you do not have an account yet.

Are you ready to set up your account today? Click Here !!   Use the Code   (KENNA10)

What type of products do they sell?

Predominately they sell digital classes for people to learn to play instruments. They sell numerous courses on how to play a variety of instruments, courses for vocals and leadership, and they also offer digital classes such as bible studies. Many of their digital products are sold by the “class” or  (course), or by purchasing a membership. You get paid 40% commissions on anything you choose to sell for them.  They also offer an affiliate marketer program for people who want to recruit “sellers” (affiliate marketers) for their company, like me. Do you want to join my “Crew”? Are you interested in selling their digital products? Do you want to learn more?  Use this Code (KENNA10)

What is the name of this company?

This company is called Worship The King. Eric Roberts is the founding Father of this program, Eric and his team have developed their own line of digital products. Eric also is the instructor for the affiliate marketing program. They are a fairly new company, and they are simply looking for people to help them grow their company and the Kingdom of GOD.                                                                                                           They accept EVERYONE into their program. Join Today !!  Use this Code (KENNA10)

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