All About Me -“ZERO”

My name is KEN “aka” ZERO. I grew up in and out of the system. I caught my first case at the age of 14 years old. I was then incarcerated nearly 10 times in the next 10 years and was then locked-up in a total of 3 different prisons. I am your classic… “3 striker”…with 3 felony convictions, There are no expungements for class 1 felonies in my state…..Meaning…Now… I am a “Lifer”.

Can you relate to that?

I was released from prison in 1999, and needless to say…Getting a job was far from easy. I only had industrial skills, so I was working in some really low-end factory positions. If, or when I did get a job, most of the time I was treated like an inmate, treated as untrustworthy and dishonest,  I was treated like I was a criminal, not like an actual “human being”.

I decided to go to college when I got out of prison. I thought if I had a diploma from a University I would re-gain respect from society and would be able to get a career instead of another low-end job. That was a financial disaster for me and a lesson well learned. I graduated with high honors and a school loan debt of $70,000. I went to 2 universities for fine art, and to this day have made less than $1,000 selling any of my artwork, and never got a job in the art world, except the business I started myself.

I decided to open some tattoo shops along the way, Simply because nobody would hire me or treat me with respect. One tattoo shop out of 4 was successful. One shop was robbed, and the other two shops never produced a single client. You probably realize by now everyone who finds out we are felons seems to make sure everyone else is aware of that and you are likely not going to be treated well in those communities...And In my case...Anything and everything I set out to do was somehow, someway, complicated to the point of beyond “ridiculous”.

After ten years of fighting for custody of my children…I finally won…Problem was… I was now $100,000 in debt and was buried alive for any type of real future.I needed a job that I could work from home. I needed a job where I could get respect. I needed a job that I could work anytime 24/7 …365 days a year…I needed to get my life back.  I needed a chance...I needed an opportunity.…A real opportunity…I needed a  job that if I worked my ass off…I would get paid what I was worth…. Just because I am a felon…does not mean I am not a human…I deserved respect…I deserved to have a job…I deserved to have a career that paid well.

Now my job is to teach other felons how to turn their lives into real opportunities for success. I currently own, operate, and manage several social media platforms, pages, and sites. I will be introducing you to an opportunity that I believe could change your life forever. An opportunity that will give you a sense of freedom again. An opportunity to regain control of your life.



Because I have personally been there. I spent years in the “struggle” making several attempts to regain control of my life. Now my life has meaning and purpose and I am able to help other people while helping myself. I want you to succeed, I want you to have freedom again, I want you to have a life that you enjoy. Nobody would give me a chance…Nobody would teach me or show me a way to succeed….I had to learn everything on my own.

I truly believe that affiliate marketing is the best opportunity for felons. You will be your own boss…You will have a credible job (acceptable for parole and probation), within a few years you will be making a very nice respectable income. Your income is based on how hard you work each day…And how or what you decide to sell, market, or distribute.


My goal is to introduce you to several opportunities that you can work from your home starting the very same day. I want to show you several ways you can make money from home by simply posting links, selling products, or building websites of your own. There are many ways to generate money from working on-line, thousands, and thousands of companies will accept you regardless of your conviction history. You can sell anything that you can imagine!!

My job is to educate you on career opportunities for employment. Teaching and showing you the simple basics of a few programs, so you can be informed and can make solid decisions for your future. I want to give you as much information and understanding as I possibly can.

I want to show you the easiest ways to make money online. I want to show you the programs that are in your best interest as a beginner. I want to show you some programs and how they will work for you. I want to give you enough options where you can choose a path for your life and begin that journey of respect and success. 

Regardless of the country, you live in, or the nature of your crimes, you deserve to be respected and to have your equality and freedom restored. Any person on this website today has already taken the most important step of their future. If you have read this far then you are serious about taking control of your life. Taking control of your life and your future is definitely in your best interest.

If you are on this website today you are serious about making some changes in your life. 

Has your life been destroyed due to some choices you made in the past?

Do you want a career where you can get the respect you deserve?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Are sick of busting your ass to barely scrape by?

Are you tired of being treated like a criminal?

Are you sick of being treated as if you are not even human?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I feel this opportunity is perfect for you. Click Here !!



Most every person I ever met in prison was very intelligent, and many of the inmates were at genius levels. These people were wasting their abilities in a non-legitimate lifestyle. If they channeled those talents, efforts, and disciplines into a legitimate business their lives would be restored. They would have total control of their lives and still live the “Boss” life. Every member of my “Crew” is their own “Boss”. They work when they want, where they want, and they distribute whatever they chose to. There are 550 million legitimate products and services to sell. The possibilities for your life are endless. You can start your own “crew” just like I did.

If you were in prison and you are here today, you have everything it takes to succeed. If you are here today you have the determination it takes to succeed with this company. If you can go to prison and actually get back out, then you had to make a series of choices. Those choices are far less difficult than building websites. Many inmates take college courses while they are locked up. Twenty years ago you had to pay two bricks of Newports just to be able to go to college in prison.  Back then “Taylor Made”  smokes were going for about $40 per brick. This education is cheaper than the college courses in prison!!                          All you need to do…

             Is Just Do It… You can do anything you put your mind to.

You know as well as I do when you are a felon, you are never going to be treated as an equal again by the majority of the people in this world. Most people view us as animals. They view us as we are not worthy of respect and dignity. They also tend to believe we are all worthless, untrustable, and not reliable. Can you relate to any of my statements here? They truly believe we can never change. I am living proof ANY felon can change his life.ANY felon can overcome their circumstances. ANY felon can succeed if they work hard and make sacrifices. I am Justice. I am made in America. If you are here now…You got this. This is far less difficult than going to work every day and being treated like a slave.      YOUR  LIFE  MATTERS   

                                        TAKE     ACTION      TODAY

What about the millions of felons who never went to prison? I am certain they are not being treated with the respect they deserve. I’m also certain that most every felon is working very hard for very little money. Many felons just want respect. Many felons just want to restore their lives. Many felons just want to be treated as an equal. Many felons are simply people who made poor choices. Many of us just want to provide for our families.Most every felon like myself made those choices for a couple of reasons. Most of us are poor, and in return, we made poor choices. Poverty does things to people. We become survivors and did what we had to do to get by. Many of us have come from a life of abuse or neglect. The pain from those life experiences drove our behaviors into some serious trouble that left our lives destroyed.     Does any of this sound about right to you?  Today is your day Click Here !!

Most of the felons I met in prison were very intelligent people. many had incredible business skills and abilities that were being wanted on criminal activities. If you have business in your blood like I do, then this is absolutely perfect for you. This is a way to earn large sums of money without committing crimes.

Take control of your life today.  Control your destiny before someone else does. You never have to go back to jail or prison again. This is your ticket to financial freedom and respect. Join Me Today !!       Join my “Crew” or start your own “crew”, be your own BOSS.

                        I PLAY FOR KEEPS…HOW ABOUT YOU?

I want you to stop thinking about your past. Forget that you are a felon. Your past is not your future, your felonies or criminal background does not define you anymore. Yesterday is history, and you have the right to Respect, Liberty, Freedom, and Equality. Start your life completely over…Start Today…Today will be tomorrow’s yesterday…This is your day to begin a brand new way of life. Never look back, never doubt yourself, and never give up.



Do me a favor and tell me about your story. Drop some comments below so I can better assist all of us who have criminal charges and records on our backgrounds. We can stand together and prove we are worthy, reliable, and deserve respect.  Unity, Loyalty, And Justice for All.




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