2021 Review – Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Classes

These classes are very simple and easy to follow and understand.

Let’s cut the “crap”, and get right down to it. The classes are very basic step-by-step videos that are very simple and easy to understand. Every video is about 15-30 minutes long. You can stop the videos, and re-play them as often as you would like. You can also go back several days or weeks later and watch them again and again if you need to. Here is what they will look like on the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Do you see the rocket ship? Those are the 10 free classes right there. As you complete each video and assignment (task), there is a progress bar to indicate how much training you have done or have left to do. On the right-hand side, you will see percentages of how far along you are with the training. They automatically take you back to where you left off. The best part is you can stop in the middle of a video and pick right back up where you were. Awesome!! The first 10 classes are FREE. During the first 10 classes, you will build a website that website is yours to keep regardless if you chose to join this program. So there is nothing to lose here except a little of your time. This is the best way to determine if you really want to learn how to build websites and sell products online. This is a totally risk-free trial, and NO credit card information is needed to take the free classes.


Here is what the rest of the training classes and courses look like.


You simply finish one course at a time. Each course will have a class. Each class will have a few assignments (tasks). When you complete those tasks you move on to the next class and do the next set of tasks. Each box above that you see is a “level”, after you complete those levels you are fully trained. You can then take hundreds and hundreds of advanced classes if you want to. Now that is simple and organized and easy to understand. Right? I’m going to keep this review real, very real. There are a few places along the way you will want to ask questions. You simply reach out to any of the thousands of people who work here and they will gladly help you. I usually ask for links to other videos. I am a very visual person, if I see someone do something, I can easily do the same. Can you relate to that? You may have to figure a few things out along the way, but very, very, few. You can ask as many questions as you would like.

Who do I ask these questions to? Where do I find these people that will help me 24/7   365 ? There are a couple of ways to ask questions. They have a live chat room 24/7 that you can jump in and someone will assist you within minutes. You can find members on the platform just like Instagram or Facebook, and ask anyone you want to, anytime you want to. Most people will reply the same day or the next one. If you decide to become a member, you can privately mail your questions to other members.



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Have an awesome day!!            Drop me some comments below, I would love to hear what you think about this offer.              This program is perfect for the beginner who has very little money to invest.

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